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    Jun 29, 2022

    Hello Everyone

    I'll try my hardest to keep this short and precise. So here's the deal: I have my teaching credentials in Special Education (Mild/Mod). I was able to get my credentials at CSUF without having passed the Subtest 2 (Math/Science) due to the Covid situation. The caveat was a one year deadline to pass Subtest 2 in order to keep my current teaching position. I have already passed the Subtest 1 and 3.

    I have taken the Subtest 2 seven times to no avail. I have tried every book, website and tutors you can think of. I just got back my results last Friday from my latest attempt.

    I scored a 211
    3+++ for science
    3+++ for math
    2 check marks for one science and math written response answers
    2 K (Support) for other two written response answers

    I know it's a long shot but I paid $50 for them to reevaluate my written response answers in the hopes of getting full credit/some credit for my science answer. I know in my heart I got that one right. Due to the school year starting in mid August, it looks like I will be losing my position. I will be taking the test again on July 15. I'll get my results back on Aug 5th, too close to the beginning of the school year for my school to hold my position. Please send some positive vibes my way and some much needed tips to pass this test. Thank you so much.

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