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    Hi, I used this forum and The Annotated Mona Lisa and Google to pass the Art Subtest 1 which I took in November. Now on to Subtest 2.

    I am trying to add a Single Subject Art Credential through the test.

    I have a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, including many studio art courses also as part of my overall education.

    I have a Clear Ca. Multiple Subject Credential, Designated Subjects Credential in Printing and Graphic Occupations, a Single Subject Business Credential.

    I have taught digital photography and multimedia at high school through CTE/Adult Ed.

    i have a Master's Degree in Educational Technology.

    It's also possible I already took a similar course when I tested and received the Single Subject Business Credential I hold.

    I was told besides passing the 2 Subtests for Art I need a methodology course?

    ***I wonder if I really need to take another course with all of the above?

    I am copying and pasting the info. I received from the State of Ca.
    They are referring to a course I need to take, along with passing both CSET parts!?

    "The methods/ pedagogy course was most likely not included on your undergraduate transcripts, but it is possible. This course must be offered through the Education department (as opposed to the ART department), and focus very specifically on teaching methodology for secondary Art. These courses are designed for prospective teachers, and do not teach art, but rather how to teach art. This course must be 3-semester units (or 4 quarter units).

    Thanks in Advance!

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    @BryanSnyder Thank you for letting me know you also have this requirement. I have asked a few times in different ways and unless I am board certified or get a waiver by showing I took a class similar I do need to take the course. I will look into Phoenix University.

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