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    Can anyone tell me what test(s) are now needed for a Single Subject Credential in Art? I have my Art Education degree from over 10 years ago, so I know I'd need the CSET-ART Exam. However, are there other exams I would need to take? I ask this because I'm currently getting my Multiple Subjects Credential and we have to take CSET-MS as well as RICA. My original goal was to teach drawing and painting, but because Art teachers are seen as frills; which is horrid- (and the state of CA is BROKE) I decided to deter my art goals and focus on elementary. Now I must build up a portfolio and prepare for CSET ART. However, this is a long term goal, nothing I plan on doing overnight. I realize there's not many Art teachers out there...but any words of advice or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks again

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