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    Would you guys mind critiquing my cover letter. Maybe, it is one of my problems? I'm going to post my resume too, but it hasn't changed much, except that I am certified now.

    Here she goes:------------------------------------------

    Dear ,

    I am excited about discussing career possibilities at NAME OF SCHOOL. I am a lifelong learner. My first career was in the museum field. I would like to incorporate this experience with the use of objects in my classroom, whether virtual or handheld. I am also interested in using technology in the classroom. During my library school studies, I led a children’s focus group to evaluate children’s websites and incorporate their ideas into the children’s component for a local museum. It was a fun and rewarding experience.

    This past fall I completed a 12-week Clinical Teaching assignment in Math at NONAME Jr. High in MYTown with my cooperating Teacher. I enjoyed working with Cooperating Teacher and the staff at NONAME School. I had many opportunities to assist her in the classroom and through her teaching duties. I especially enjoyed the tutoring and individual student interaction. The students were wonderful, and I loved working with them.

    For the past few years, I have been substitute teaching to gain classroom experience. This year, I am registered to substitute with ____ and ____ ISD. I have subbed in ____ and Midlothian____, also. I have learned so much working with the staff and students of the various schools and districts.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss teaching opportunities at your school. I have applied for the 4th Grade Teacher position currently listed on the _______Website. I can be reached easiest by cell phone at ______, or email _________. Thank you for your consideration.


    Thanks for your ideas

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