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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by KimberlyBest, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Our K-8 Charter School is planning to branch out into preschool next year. I have been tapped as the director due to my previous experience in preschools as both a teacher and assistant director. My main teaching experience is Kindergarten (6 years) and Second Grade (2 years). Needless to say, I've never started a preschool from the ground up. Any advice out there for me? Are you a director and can offer advice on things that have worked for you or are you an employee and have an outstanding director (or not-so-outstanding) director that you'd like to give me input on. What are the "must have" things that are needed in the classroom. We'll have 0-5 students. We don't have an actual building yet, we are still looking. I do have the licensing contact here for my county and have talked to her quite a bit but there really isn't anything else we can do until a building is secured. I'm looking for "real world" input.

    :thanks: for any :help: you can offer!

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    I have set up several PS. I love organizing the program. When you have a space, the space will help define much of the furniture you need. In general, you will need a table and seating for your 0-5 children. Tables will probably be your biggest expense. I bought tables and chairs from school districts--contact the district equipment warehouse. Make this guy your best friend. (My DH happened to be in charge of the warehouse and this is how I found out that they can dispose of extra equipment.) You will also need some storage for toys, teacher supplies, etc. If you are on a tight budget, check out old entertainment centers. Some are configured so you can use them as shelving for small centers. (My DD1 has a small day care and uses them.)

    Even though you do not have a building, I would start going to Goodwill, garage sales, etc. to buy books and toys. Buy with interest centers in mind. Begin considering philosophy and curriculum. Take a look at Head Start outcomes. Look at your state's PS guide.

    Now, I can support you with the whole process. What do you need to know?
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    I've set up and work at a home daycare with my mother in her home. We have seven kids, 9 months-4.5 years. Blue said pretty much what I said, but I would also be researching curriculums. What you choose may influence the type of materials you buy. . . for instance, we're looking at going more Reggio over the coming year, so we're buying more natural materials, wooden baskets, extra art materials etc. Invite your consultant to visit often and early . . . I hate to have a negative view of them, but they have squashed some of our ideas and we wasted some money buying things that weren't approved for use.
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    I opened Home daycare three years ago.
    Make sure you know what toys and things u are allow to use.
    For furniture I went to Lakeshore warehouse, big difference in price and furniture are just nicer and stronger. I love the kidney tables for teaching.
    I have wood floor and in one area rug, I did not care for carpet when I was teaching in center. It got messy and they put table on the carpet, which was asking for trouble.
    Toys I bought at Ross and Lakeshore outlet. Children love playing with blocks, dolls that are easy for them to hold, food and kitchen, cars, doctor set, small books, puzzles.
    I found that teaching toys like let's say wood alphabet, was not used as much. In a center they bought all those things for us, but we were not using it as much as it should be for the price of it. I think those things should be chosen based on curriculum or by teacher of that class.
    Decide on curriculum, you can buy ready to go or give teachers time to create it. We did not have the time and the curriculum was not that great. (I work in a place that just opened).

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