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    I have 4 classes that are just a nightmare. That amounts to less than 1 class a day or 1/6th of my course load. These classes are all <75% male.

    I see them only once a week, right after recess and right before dismissal, and have a hard time thinking of consequences that work for them. Putting them in time-out makes them happy. I can't take away recess or lunch. Stickers for good behavior have no effect, unlike most classes. Parents are almost impossible to contact. The classroom teachers have no idea what to do and agree they are difficult.

    Dollars to buy stuff at the school store has a little bit of an effect, but they are so unaware of their behaviors that they can't think that far in advance. An example would be I have to answer the door frequently since school policy is that they remain locked. When I turn around for 3 seconds, they literally go crazy and start running around the room and screaming. I was sitting RIGHT NEXT to a nonverbal student last week and he randomly took a stick he was hiding out of his pocket and threw it at a girl.

    I am thinking of giving each student a dollar at the beginning of class and, instead of giving them time-out for the 2nd warning, taking the dollar away. I can't make clip charts for all of my 26 classes, so I think this would help them understand what step they are on. Also, giving them a dollar at the outset reminds them of what they get to keep if they behave. Giving them a dollar at the end of class does not work because they do not remember from week to week that is a reward for good behavior during their hour class. However, I hate the dynamic that I am taking things away. On the other hand, I am already taking away all fun activities for ALL students since I have to stop so frequently to review rules. What do you think?

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