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    I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or feedback regarding my cover letter and resume. Thanks in advance! Please ignore the format of my resume. I didn't know how to allign it properly for this post. I'm more concerned about the content and if I should include anything from it in my cover letter.


    Dear Sir / Madam:

    I would like to pursue the possibility of joining the faculty of your school. The enclosed resume contains information pertaining to my background, experience, and capabilities.

    The education program at _______ University and my student teaching experiences have provided me with the proper tools to build a successful classroom for my students. My student teaching experiences at _________ Childhood Center and ________ Intermediate Center in ______, ______ were extremely valuable; I expanded as an educator as well as a learner. During my student teaching experiences I was able to develop successful classroom management skills and procedures. I also incorporated technology into my lesson plans on a daily basis. I believe the way a student can obtain information successfully is through involvement in the classroom. I frequently employed lessons that required maximum student involvement. I am a positive role model for my students, as I believe that students learn from the examples we set for them.

    I believe in creating a nurturing environment in which children experience emotional security and a sense of community. Beyond teaching the standard curriculum, a teacher must also incorporate lessons that teach students to care and experience empathy for each other. As a teacher I believe in providing students with the tools needed for social and academic growth. I plan to inspire my students to become lifelong learners by demonstrating my own passion for gaining knowledge and making learning an enjoyable experience. I am a highly devoted, enthusiastic and creative teacher. Through innovation and perseverance I will infuse the desire for learning in all of my students. I believe I hold the motivation and willfulness to become a valuable member of your school.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you for a personal interview at your earliest convenience.


    __________ ______


    Education: ________ University: Master of Arts in Childhood Education, May 2008
    ________ University: Bachelor of Arts, Major: English; Minor: Childhood Education, May 2007
    Recipient of _____ _______ Memorial Award for Outstanding Scholarship
    Honors in English

    Certification: Childhood Teacher Certification, _____ ______ Department of Education

    Classroom Experience:
    ______ Early Childhood Center, _______, _______
    Teacher Assistant; Kindergarten, September, 2008-Present
    v Collaborate with teachers in the educational and social development of students in four classrooms
    v Assist teachers with maintaining student records.
    _______ School District, _______, ______
    Substitute Teacher, May, 2008-June, 2008
    v Carried out and taught plans of the regular teacher
    v Collaborated with and assisted other members of the faculty
    _____ ______ Intermediate School, ______, ______
    Student Teacher; Grade 5, March, 2008-May, 2008
    v Successfully implemented standard based lessons to enhance New York State assessment results
    v Developed and instructed units on anatomy and life sciences
    v Used differentiated instruction to meet the learning needs of each student
    v Facilitated cooperative learning to encourage peer support groups
    v Created science labs and activities utilizing laboratory equipment
    _____ Early Childhood Center, _____, ______
    Student Teacher; Grade 2, January, 2008-March, 2008
    v Designed and instructed hands-on, minds-on unit on astronomy
    v Created and instructed a cross-curricular unit for President’s week
    v Implemented authentic alternative assessments such as portfolios, exhibitions and simulations
    v Designed meaningful math manipulatives to inspire curiosity and stimulate students’ interests
    v Designed and constructed interactive thematic bulletin boards
    _____ Avenue School, _____, ______
    Active Participant/Student Observer, Grade 3 and 4 Inclusion, Grade 5, January, 2007-May, 2007
    v Implemented differentiated instruction according to students’ multiple intelligences
    v Designed interdisciplinary web quests
    ______ Middle School, ______, ______
    Active Participant/Student Observer, Grade 6, September, 2006-December, 2006
    v Assisted in a balanced literacy program to strengthen reading comprehension and writing skills

    Related Experience:
    _____ Elementary School, _____, ______
    Science Instructor, ______ After-School Enrichment Program, October, 2008-December, 2008
    v Explored areas of science through active and cooperative experiments and projects
    ______ School, _____, ______
    Assistant Teacher, _______ Childcare Program, February, 2008-June, 2008
    v Facilitated engaging meaningful enrichment activities
    v Helped to resolve conflicts by approaching situations calmly, acknowledging children’s feelings, restating the problem, asking children’s own ideas for solutions, and offering follow-up support
    ______ Day School, ______, ______
    Group Leader, July, 2007-August, 2007
    v Supervised/mentored ancillary support staff
    v Facilitated academic and physical experiences for campers
    ______ Avenue School, ______, ______
    Volunteer/Tutor, ______ ______, October, 2006-June, 2007
    v Tutored grades 4 and 5 and assisted in test preparation for ______ State assessments

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