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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by texasmom, May 12, 2007.

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    While I was subbing yesterday (before the kids arrived), the principal poked his head in the door looking for the regular teacher. We ended up chatting for a minute about my desire to become a f-t teacher and how the district I live in (and was subbing for yesterday) doesn't hire alternative certification applicants w/o their 1st year of internship completed. He said he was aware of that rule, but come July, that rule tends to get bent due to necessity. He asked me a few questions about my background and before I knew it he was asking me for my resume! <note to self: bring resume to sub jobs!!!> I couldn't believe it. He liked me! He really liked me! So I spent the off period writing a cover letter so I could bring him my resume on Monday.

    Please give me your opinions! Thanks in advance. :)

    It was a pleasure meeting you last Friday when I subbed in Mrs. Smith's 6th grade Social Studies class. I had a great day at XYZ Intermediate School!

    I am writing to express my deep desire to become a full-time teacher at your school. As we previously discussed, I am an alternative certification candidate for Generalist 4 – 8. My passion is math, although through subbing I realized I would be happy and successful teaching any of the core subjects.

    In 1994 I received my business degree and went to work for our family’s business, a funeral director supply company. Although I enjoyed working with my father, I felt my involvement with the company was just a job, not a career. After months of prayer, in June of 2006 I decided to enroll in the alternative certification program to become a teacher. By August I had successfully completed the required course work and passed the TExES 4 – 8 Generalist exam. In October I resigned from the company and began substituting.

    I have enjoyed my time in the classroom this year immensely. I have gained hands-on classroom management skills and am walking away with a spiral full of observations, lists, diagrams and ideas. I am looking forward to establishing my own classroom, but most importantly I am eager to begin a career where I can make a difference in the lives of children.

    The greatest inspiration in my journey to become a teacher has been my younger sister who was recently named the Elementary Teacher of the Year in her district. Her passion and enthusiasm is not only admirable, but contagious. With her support and the guidance of a mentor, I know my first year at XYZ Intermediate School will be successful.

    I would love the opportunity to interview in person for a Teaching position at XYZ Intermediate School. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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    Hi texasmom

    That's great news!

    After reading your cover letter, I feel there is a lot in there that you would say in an interview rather than waste space on a cover letter. Primarily the paragraph that starts with "In 1994 I received my business degree....."

    I like the paragraph where you say you have a spiral of ideas. I am not sure about the part about your sister. I'd like to see what others say.

    Hope this helps in some way.

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