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    This is a cover letter I wrote for the school where I did my student teaching and am currently a long-term sub. One of my friends on the first grade team told me she was retiring. Unfortunately, the current P is also retiring, and our new P is completely new to the building. Any and all names changed for privacy's sake.

    Dear New Principal,
    Howdy Elementary is more than a school; it’s a community, a family. Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege to teach in eleven Howdy classrooms as a student and a substitute teacher. A great teacher helps students grow in ways they never imagined possible. This is achieved when a teacher effectively implements the curriculum, can quickly adapt to new situations, and truly cares about her students. I will bring these qualities to Howdy and would like to be considered for a position.

    A great teacher relates the curriculum in a way that relates to the students. I coached my third grade students in tackling difficult math problems through a combination of problem solving strategies, math journaling, songs, chants and games. My students dubbed this method Math Magic, the purpose of which was to outsmart the Pesky Mathematicians; those who love to trick kids. Due to strategies such as these, two of my Tier 2 RTI students increased their scores on the district curriculum assessment by thirty to forty points.

    As a first grade student teacher, I implemented the writer’s workshop framework using mentor texts. During this time, the quality of my students’ writing improved greatly. Initially, students wrote one-page stories with little or no detail. Within weeks, they were successfully planning and writing stories at least four pages long with details and emotions.

    When one of our third grade teachers suddenly fell ill in March, Current Principal requested that I take over that classroom for the remainder of the year. Since the news was so unexpected, there was little transition time. Within a few weeks, I established expectations, routines, and assumed all of the responsibilities of a full-time teacher while maintaining the quality of instruction. Due to this quick transition, my students adapted to their new teacher easily and were able to focus on doing their best and preparing for the STAAR test.

    One aspect of Howdy that sets it apart from any other school is how much the faculty care about their students. These relationships can make a huge impact on student success. One student in my third grade class, Leroy, had significant behavior problems and was easily frustrated when doing his work. After several acute disruptions, I realized that he needed to know that I cared about him and that I would do anything to help him succeed. By doing small things, such as eating lunch with him and talking to him for a few minutes each day, Leroy's behavior changed dramatically. Instead of acting out when he was frustrated, Leroy began to participate in discussions and ask questions. His grades also grew considerably. By knowing I believed in him, he began to believe in himself. This made all the difference for him as well as the rest of my students.

    I believe that I am an excellent candidate for Howdy Elementary. With my student and substitute teaching experience at Howdy, I possess the creativity, knowledge, and compassion to help your students thrive. For more information, please visit my online portfolio at website. Howdy is more than a school, it’s a family that I would be honored to be a part of.


    So what do y'all think? I know it's a but long, but I really want it to be perfect! Any feedback, advice, etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    I don't think it's too long. Just keep it to one page. I didn't check for spelling or anything like that to carefully but I really liked the content. I think a new principal coming in will like the fact that you think the school is so special. I might not name the student specifically though.

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