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    Just a few pointers - we can apply through the Dept of Education for the entire province, but most schools advertise privately and you apply directly to the school. DoE positions are usually not in the best of areas and most times dangerous areas to work in.

    Dear (principal/governing body name)

    I would love the opportunity to be interviewed for the position of Foundation Phase teacher at (school name). I am a qualified Foundation Phase teacher with many years experience in the early childcare and education field. I enjoy teaching as I find it exciting and fun as well as challenging. It is during these years that there is such a phenomenal rate of growth and learning and as a teacher it is a privilege to be a part of that.

    Since I started working with children, I have been exposed to many diverse situations and children. I’ve learnt that even though the problems are the same, each child needs an individual approach and this has assisted me in my teaching. I’ve worked with children as young as a few hours old to pre-teen; those full of life and those suffering from illness, disability and broken homes; hyperactive and introverted. I am very interested in working with children with additional learning needs and especially interested in early intervention and inclusive education.

    There is so much that young children can be taught, not only about their colours and numbers and nursery rhymes, but about the whole world around them and the marvellous opportunities that await them. I am looking forward to being able to help children discover a love of learning and a positive attitude to school and life.

    I am excited about the possibility of a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications with you. I can be reached at my number or email below. Enclosed are copies of my Curriculum Vitae, reference letters and certificates.

    Thank you for taking the time to review my credentials and considering me for employment within (school name).

    Yours truly,

    Sarah (surname)
    (cell number)
    (email address)

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