Could I Be Too Overeager in Applying for Jobs?

Discussion in 'Job Hunting & Interviews' started by Shayla53, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Dec 6, 2017


    I'm a recent college grad who has been applying online to my local schools. However, I am worried that I might have been too eager in Applying for Jobs or came off too strong.

    Idk about other areas but The way the application process is set up for my region is you fill out one big general application for a specific group of jobs like a sub app for just sub jobs, a certified app for Jobs that require certification etc. When you see a job you like to apply for on the job board you hit a button and boom you're done. No need to fill out several apps just one big one, Saves so much time.

    However I have not gotten far. I've been subbing which is grear and the 'put your face out there' with the staff is getting me some places.

    I'm just worried bc I've been applying over and over again, roughly 30ish times for one district alone. I figured maybe updating my application would help. However, I'm sure the hiring staff has came across my application a time or two. I fear that the they might just see my name as an applicant and not give it a second thought no matter what changes I could add since they could've seen it so many times already.
    *There was a point where I was going for any job as well, applying for cafeteria worker, custodian anything to get a foot in the door and money in. I'm worried that might count against me as well.

    What should I do? Probably over thinking by a mile it but any advice would be appreciated.thx
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    Dec 6, 2017

    If you want a job as a teacher, don't apply for a job as a custodian or a cafeteria worker. In most districts those positions are considered support staff or classified positions. There usually isn't a bridge between classified positions and licensed or certificated positions (teaching positions).

    I don't think it helps to click the apply button 30 times for the same position. I imagine that clicking the apply button triggers an interest email sent to the principal or whoever makes hiring decisions. Clicking more than once either doesn't generate additional emails (waste of time for you) or does (and makes you look like a nut). Click once. Send a personalized email to the principal (or whoever) if you like and if it's acceptable to do so in that particular district. Then move on to the next position.

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