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    Hello, so i am a first year teacher in Texas at a small private school, and i signed a contract to teach science. I currently don’t have an official Texas teaching certification. I have been overwhelmed at school, With an enormous workload including classes outside of the science contract that i signed due to short staff. I have 8 different curriculums and classes. I’ve lost weight and have been overwhelmed even at home. Is it possible for me to leave without repercussion?
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    You would have to look at the contract and see what the penalty is for breaking the contract. (I'm guessing a fee) You don't have a teaching certificate which is usually the thing districts could go after. Are you a member a teacher organization that provides legal representation? Might be worth calling them.
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    I think your odds are good for getting out of a private school contract especially if you aren't certified. I have seen where districts (states) will suspend your license for 1 yr making it impossible to work as a public school teacher the rest of that year only.
    If you think the feelings of being overwhelmed are tied to your weight loss, you could probably get a psych to sign off that you are unfit to teach for a year. Giving you an easy out.
    In the past, I have only seen districts "go after" teachers who quit who make a lot of noise. ( Like complaining vocally about all of the horrible parts of the school, system, or employees.) I have never seen them do it to a person with a medical reason.
    I have never heard of a fee before. I'd definitely find that out if it is common to do that there. Good luck! It sounds like a tough place to work and I think you are smart to get out.
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