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    From what I have read right side of the notebook is teacher generated material and left side is student connections, reflections..etc.

    So what do many of you have students do with the left side?
    Examples of right side (teacher generated)

    1. find examples in the chapter that support the them of...
    2. find the effects of _____ in chapters 4-6
    3. find one word to describe the main character____ and support it with details from chapters_____

    What would you have or want students to do on the left side of the interactive notebook when the right side consists of the given examples?
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    Jul 9, 2014

    I have seen many variations of this. Also, I believe it would depend on the subject area.

    An example activity from a Science interactive notebook could be used when studying electricity and circuits. First, I need to engage my students.

    Teacher Side - Have students record their answer to the question "Can you light a small light bulb with one wire and one battery? Explain." This seems to be a common introduction activity to circuits.

    Consider asking the students to list key vocabulary or key concepts to look up on this page as well.

    Students would record their answers on the top half. Invite the students to draw how they would make the bulb light up on the bottom half.

    Student Side - Next, you could incorporate your lesson or a research activity using the internet, library books, or other materials. Any student work would be on the top half of this page. Videos and experiments make an excellent visual. ;) I would have my students also experiment hands-on with an actual battery, blub, and wire.

    Next, ask your students to record whether or not they were correct on the bottom half of the student page. "Was your hypothesis correct? What did you do wrong? With your new knowledge, draw a circuit that would light the bulb." As a class, review common misconceptions about electricity as shown from this activity.

    This is only an example. :) There are many many ways to use an interactive notebook.

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