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    Hello all, new to this site and to teaching in general. I am in need of some advice. I attended a teacher job fair a few weeks ago and really hit it off with the principal of a project based school. I did a screener with her and she told me to call back in a few weeks when she would be setting up interviews. (Also side note: my university supervisor is good friends with head of HR and gave me his resume which he sent to all of the principals which is good.) Flash forward a couple I have my interview with her and it goes very well. She seems to love my answers and gives me a timeline of what to expect. She tells me that she is holding interviews with the strong candidates from the job fair so that she can fill whatever spots open up at her school. She lets me know that they will call either way the following Friday but to call Monday if I haven't heard from them. When Monday rolls around I end up calling and she lets me know that she still doesn't know if there are any positions. She says she wants to put me with a younger grade but will not know if the positions open up until Wednesday at the staff meeting. She also says that if I get any offers that she doesn't want me to pass them up just in case.. Friday comes around and I email her asking what the status is and if a position became available. She emails me back, doesn't really answer my question, but lets me know she is trying to contact my references but cannot find my application. I respond with my references and tell her I will call HR as soon as I'm done subbing. She responds back and says it is fine because she can at least start checking references but that she needs one for the files. I don't hear back after that but I email Monday and ask if the HR issue was fixed and if it showed up for her. She responded saying since they are testing she will have not be able to address issues until Wednesday (yesterday). Still haven't heard anything. I don't know the protocol or the process. Does it seem like she wants to hire me? Should I check in anymore? I still don't even know if they have a position available but I don't think she would have responded if they didn't. I am very confused and anxious. PLEASE HELP AND/OR GIVE ME ENCOURAGING WORDS. First year teacher jobs are apparently hard to come by.
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    Keep applying and interviewing elsewhere. This principal cannot officially give you an offer if she is not sure if there is an open position yet. Give her a few weeks then check in with her again.
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