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Discussion in 'General Education Archives' started by rlbbas123, Nov 3, 2006.

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    Nov 3, 2006

    Hi, everyone, Everything this week went fine. I plan on taking the ParaPro Assestment Test at the end of the month. I am nervous about that, I have always been one to study and prepare but I have found that I get real nervous when testing and my mind just goes blank:eek: :eek: Any advice. I would like to apply to parapro special ed studants. I have heard that we have a strong need. Anyway for now I am still stubbing, and still haunted by the cake espisode. Oh, well, I have come to conclusion I am not supersub.Even if I would like to be. I have also ordered some books for subbing advice/tips. They came and seem to be real useful. My only question for this week is, we live in a small town, and well I am not from here so I don't know too many people, anyway, as the saying goes everyone knows everyone except me. My concern, One of the student's in my class I was subbing, the mother and I don't like each other. Before I had this student in my class I was getting calls regularly for the last two weeks, and now the person who usually calls me for last minute subbs no longer calls.
    The mother knows everyone and I am afraid that she is trying to have me blackballed from the sub list. Can people do this? I have heard of teachers doing this but not everyday people. If so, shouldn't I be allowed to subb without interferance from a prior friend with a grudge. I do have children in the school district that I sub for and I still pay taxes like everyone else.

    Thanks for Listening
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    Oh, who knows. It might be coincidence; it might be a conspiracy.

    In most cases, the teacher does have the option of blocking specific substitute teachers from running their classrooms. Ordinary people can't do that, but anyone can complain to the school or higher ups in the county's school administration, which can take that kind of action. I'm sure that if you were blocked, though, you'd be made aware of it.

    I would avoid forming any conclusions about the troublesome mother, though. I would treat the lack of calls as a coincidence unless you had evidence to support the idea that she is somehow influencing the teacher that used to call you all the time. If the teacher called you all the time and was satisfied with your performance, would he or she dismiss you over one parent?

    Then again, I guess if a person has enough influence, anything can happen! :( One extreme possibility is that this is a coincidence... and the other extreme is that she was so influenced by what the mother had to (hypothetically) say that she decided to avoid calling you anymore without talking to you about it.

    If she's willing to throw away your past performance without even giving you a chance to discuss the problem, she's not a teacher you need to substitute for. If you find out that this really is the case, move on; you're too good for a teacher that flakes out on fairness when a complaint arises. :)

    Oh, and don't sweat the test!

    • Relax; do some activities before the day of testing that make you feel rested and calm. Avoid activities that will increase your stress and cause issues that weigh heavy on your mind to go there, if possible.
    • Eat a good dinner before testing day, and a good breakfast during the day. Do not overeat; do not fill up on junk. Concentrate on drinking water rather than junk drinks.
    • Get a good night's sleep.

    I'm sure you already know all of that, but I thought I'd just repeat what I was taught in school for the sake of emphasis.

    Tests never bothered me because I knew that nothing bad would happen to me if I failed; I'd just be held back in progress temporarily and have to spend a little time to try again later until I got it right.

    I'd say "good luck," but I'm sure you don't need it. You'll employ the right testing strategies to do well!

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