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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by angeluv73, Aug 18, 2008.

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    :help:My AVID kids are researching different colleges and I plan to have them put the info together in a power point. I am drawing a blank when I try to think of all the important points they should cover when doing research on a college or university. Does anyone else do a report like this? What do you tell them has to be included? Does anyone have a project sheet already made up I can steal? Thanks in advance!
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    Off the top of my head things I would want to know.
    Size of school
    Public or Private
    Tuition- and Financial Aid
    Are they known for anything (great Ed School, great sports, great town)
    How many kids graduate in 4 years

    Maybe look at one of those US News and World Report books at Borders or Barnes and they may give you a good idea of what most people are looking for in a college.
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    activities offered, crime rate, majors offered (if they are looking for something specific), how selective they are, Average GPA and SAT/ACT scores of incoming freshmen
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    This is a list another teacher gave me:

    1. Name of college or university

    2. Location, web address, AND mailing address (

    3. Mascot (If the mascot is not available, include the school’s logo.)
    For example, if you researched the University of Florida, you would list the gator as UF’s mascot. ( / Look under the “Sports” tab.)

    4. Undergraduate enrollment ( (Look under the “At a Glance” tab.)

    5. Yearly tuition (If your college is not in Florida, you MUST use the out-of-state fees.) ( (Look under the “Costs and Financial Aid” tab.)

    6. Entrance requirements
    *List the typical acceptable SAT or ACT scores. ( (Look under the
    “SAT” tab.)

    7. Extracurricular activities (Include at least three.) ( Look under the
    “Housing” tab.

    8. Meal plans (Be sure to include which meal plan you are choosing and the cost of the meal plan
    for one year.) *You will have to go to the college’s website to find this information. ( Dining, meal plans, or residential life. You may find this information under “Current Students.” ) Be sure you get the yearly price and not the semester price.

    9. Dorm costs (Be sure to include the NAME OF THE DORM and the COST of the dorm room for the year.) *You will have to go to the college’s website to find this information. (Housing) (Residential life) Be sure you get the yearly price and not the semester price.

    10. Available scholarships (List a MINIMUM of two with the QUALIFICATIONS for these scholarships.) (Use the school’s website. You may have to look under “financial aid.” ) Remember that if the school is a Florida school, then you may use the criteria for the Bright Future Scholarships.

    How many freshmen do they accept each year? ( Look under the “At a Glance” tab.)

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