Cold Reads - HELP!

Discussion in 'Second Grade' started by JTeach619, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Oct 5, 2011

    My second graders have been scoring poorly on their cold read tests this year. I have tried everything from going over reading comprehension passages together on the Promethean board, having students highlight the passage when we practice them together, and reviewing past cold reads with them and they are STILL struggling (all D's and F's). This has never happened to me before. What else can I do to help them become better test takers on their cold reads?? :help:
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    I'm not familiar with the cold reads you speak of. We have DIBELS benchmards and progress monitoring in which the students read a new text for one minute to determine words per minute read (fluency) and then they tell about what they read for a minute (retell). We also have a few comprehension activities in which the students read a short text (usually a couple paragraphs) and answer questions about it...but that's not for a grade or anything. How are your "cold reads" administered and what do they consist of? Comprehension questions? Multiple choice or written answers?

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