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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by REW, Jan 18, 2019.

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    I wanted to kind of piggy back off another post, the repeating instructions.

    I’m constantly repeating myself! Specifically during these two times with my prek students. They know what to do, but it’s “boring.” They keep saying “we just want to play....can we just play...”

    I have kids that hide under tables, attempt to throw things, and more. During group, they refuse to come and continue to talk. They bring toys to the carpet when they know they aren’t supposed to. They ALL know the rules and procedures.

    I need some more natural and logical consequences and ideas to make an otherwise “boring” activity fun. We try to keep group short and sweet, but our study topic isn’t interesting to them. Naturally, I’d just scrap it and move on. But, I don’t think that’s really an option.
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    I think you have a few different issues here, but really it all comes down to classroom management. If students are hiding or throwing things, then you might have to start from scratch and reteach routine and expectations all over again.

    For clean-up, I do a 3 minute warning. I ring a bell and all students must freeze and we do a “3 more minutes” chant. We practice freezing during group time for the first few weeks of school so that they understand that hearing the bell means to stop what you are doing. We also do lots of reminders about having 3 more minutes to finish your work so that they are ready for the transition. After that I turn a clean-up song on. At the beginning of the year I have stamps/stickers at the carpet and give one to each student who cleans and comes over before the song ends. This is phased out within a few months. Although I focus on positive reinforcement, i use some natural consequences, such as if you don’t clean up your area today, then you can’t play there tomorrow.

    For group time, if something isn’t interesting to them, what can you do to engage your students? I teach in a preschool in apublic elementary school and my classroom is fairly academic, but large group is still short, age appropriate, and almost always a game or fun activity. If your class is really wiggly, start with a movement activity before the lesson. If students are bringing toys to group, can you have a basket of fidgets ready for them to chose from when they come over?

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