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Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by ShoelessGal, Aug 21, 2012.

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    It is my first year as a teacher and I have my own classroom. I am going to be doing academic intervention. The grade level(s) and subjects are to be determined. I'm lost as to how I should set up my classroom. I had so many ideas for a whole class, but I'm going to be teaching different small groups of kids throughout the day. Any ideas?
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    For intervention groups, I like to have everything compactly organized and easily accessible. For math, I put a variety of manipulatives all organized in clear bins right next to the teaching space -- you never know if you will need to switch gears when a child experiences difficulty. I also used lots of chart paper to help organize the different groups, and put each group's materials in a magazine box. That way, we could just pull everything out at once. Common materials, like pencils, erasers, and markers, were placed in separate bins. (Stickers, too!) I also used lots of folder pocket charts (the vertical ones that hold ~10 full folders) to help organize data. Of course, intervention groups are only one piece of my job, so if you are doing it all day you will likely need to be even more organized.

    Also: one way I kept the kids organized and focused was our 'entry routine.' Each day, the kids would start by writing down the lesson's goals in their intervention block journals. During the lesson (or sometimes after the lesson), I would take a photo to represent the student work and big ideas. The next time we met, the students would paste in a copy of the photo beneath the previous lesson's goals, and then write down the next goal. It helped activate their schema about what we had previously explored, and make connections to our new goal. The students also knew the expectation: you come in, you tape, you write.

    Best of luck!

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