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Discussion in 'Sixth Grade' started by TeacherMSD14, Feb 14, 2018.

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    I am a first year 6th grade teacher. I have large classes (30+ minimum), and I am noticing that since the mid-year mark has passed, classroom management has become more difficult. It is not that I have "lost control" of my classroom. I would just to move at a smoother pace with less distractions and more engagement. Does anyone have any suggestions for reward incentives or discipline methods that might work? I am trying to keep the material as engaging as possible by using technology, cooperative learning, etc... It just does not seem to be working and is increasingly hard with 32 students in two of my classes.

    Thanks !
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    Your post seems to lack sufficient details needed to generate responses from others. Before anyone can offer relevant suggestions, it would be helpful to know the following:
    1) Your classroom rules
    2) The subjects you teach
    3) The specific distractions that you refer to
    4) Evidence of your observation that "it does not seem to be working"
    5) Describe how technology is used in your lesson design
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