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    Hello, I would really love some advice and ideas about classroom management. I have taught grades K-5 in public and private school and this year I am teaching private kinder at a daycare.

    It is only me in the class, and since it is a daycare there is no admin support except for the daycare director. I have already had 2 special needs students that left the daycare from other teachers like the afterschool teachers, and the special teachers as well as myself asking for guidance, and both students have incidents in other classes. The owners stepped in on one of the students and realized that private kindergarten is not the right fit for the student.

    I have 1 student who if she does not get her way or she is not ready to transition, she screams and kicks and hides under the table or runs into the other room or bathroom. I give her 5 minute warnings when we are leaving to do something else, as well tons of positive praise. I set up a behavior chart in the fall, but it did not do any good. In my classroom we do clip ups when they students go above and beyond and whole group prizes like shoes off for nap if they earn yes points.
    My director told me today after she was screaming and I called the front office for help that I cannot have another teacher redirect her because it will confuse her and she will lose respect for me. She also told me that my classroom management is lacking since I asked for advice for 3 students (2 of those are no longer at the school).

    I have another student who is potty trained and when I taught kinder in public school there was the expectation they be potty trained. If not, we send them to the nurse or call the parents. I am not to call the parents, but to change the student.

    I am truly at my wits end because I felt very supported in both my public and private schools and would love help.

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