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Discussion in 'General Education' started by breezymarie07, Jul 10, 2014.

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    I will be teaching 3rd grade this year. I taught 4th last year and student taught in 3rd for a semester, so I'm pretty familiar with that age and most content.

    Couple questions:

    1. Planning my room theme. I was thinking it'd be really cool to do a "Future's So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades"-type theme with neon colors. I'd love to find sunglasses cut outs. Anyone used this theme before and have ideas/tips and does anyone know if sunglasses cut outs exist? Other idea was something Hollywood-ish with popcorn, red/black/yellow/gold accents.

    2. Any good resources to check out or tips for planning curriculum? I will be the only 3rd grade in my building as they are re-opening this school. Super excited, but incredibly nervous. I know they use Math Expressions for math so I'm not worried there. I'd like to use the Reader's Workshop model for literacy and Words Their Way. Science and Social Studies seems to be a "do what you want" type thing.

    Any ideas or tips would be great. Thank you!! :cool:
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    Jul 10, 2014

    I've never notices sunglasses cut outs, but I've never looked.

    Hollywood and popcorn are pretty common. My old school did a Hollywood theme one year, and a circus theme another, so I know both exist!
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    Teachers Pay Teachers would have some good curriculum planning things. I have seen a lot on there.

    Pinterest has been my friend for finding classroom stuff.

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