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Discussion in 'Second Grade' started by beachteach, Aug 4, 2007.

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    I am thinking of giving each child 25 cents a day. They must have one dollar at the end of the week to visit the prize box. They can earn extra money during the week and also have it taken away. Money can be taken away for not turning in homework and having their color changed.


    I was thinking about only giving money and not taking any away. They get money for staying on green for the day, doing all their homework, and other random things. They would still have to have $1 for the prize box.

    What do you all think??? What would work for 2nd graders???
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    What would be the criteria for staying on green? I love the idea of having a classroom economy, and I know a teacher who does give money to students. However, their earnings aren't based on behavior.

    Unfortunately, some children never stay on green--but they are capable of being successful in other areas, and these students who have discipline probs are usually those who love having some kind of job, task or duty. These are the things I would "pay" them for--not for simply being "good."

    I would set very clear and understandable tasks/jobs that they can "earn" money doing. Make sure that they know exactly what it is, how it is done, model if you need to, ect. (imo, disciple probs often stem from not knowing exactly what to do, routines, ect.) Make sure that everyone has an equal opporunity to earn. Another prob with rewarding behavior (or even completing tasks they should complete no matter what) with prizes is that they come to expect a prize for being good--and life isn't like that. Some children need that extra motivation. But try to make good behavior something they want to do and do just because and not because there is a prize or reward attached.

    You might even consider just giving them the same amount of money each week no matter what but giving them opportunities to save, spend, ect. Teach them about saving, banking, making wise choices with money. For example, they could spend money on extra art supplies for a project, ect.
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    I have used a classroom economy for years and it works for me.

    My students have 5 green sticks every day. It helps having 5 because the kiddos that always seem to get sticks taken away- still have a chance to be on green. The difference is the amount of $ for green- 5 green=$10 and 4=$4, 3=$3, etc. If students get all 5 taken away, they get a yellow and then they pay me $10. If they get a red, it's $20 and other consequences.

    My kiddos also earn money for jobs, etc.

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