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    Hi! I am a first year teacher, teaching special education preschool, ChildFind. I have 8-12 students in separate morning and afternoon sessions. My aide is very helpful, but has no special education experience. I have several "runners", screamers, hitters, punchers, biters, etc. I also have several students that tantrum constantly and shout offensive language. Any suggestions?????

    Thanks!! Alison
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    Sep 10, 2002

    You need a useful assistant. DESIGNATE what she is to do specifically. She is there to assist you. You need to communicate what your need is that she is capable of doing. good luck.
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    Sep 11, 2002

    (ok... this turned out to be a LONG one)

    Gee... and I've been griping about my screamer... by the way we figured out what works as a consequence when she screams at the top of her lungs or any scream at any pitch. The ED teacher across the hall is letting me use one of her TIME-OUT rooms. IT IS WORKING WONDERS!!! I tried the ignoring method... she got LOUDER and LOUDER. I tried the scolding method... she laughed at me. I tried cheerios when she was good... she wouldn't eat them, just crumbled them up. I was at my wit's end and went looking for some help. I asked the new ED teacher if she had any ideas. She offered me the time out room. My screamer does NOT like the time out room because there is no one to listen to her scream and act a fool. She is responding too, when she let out a small scream at PE, the aide threatened to bring her to me and I would take her to the time out room... she said "No, I do this" and went back to doing whatever it was she was doing... QUIETLY. My ear drums were about to rupture with all the screaming she was doing. I got my ear plugs out yesterday and the more advil because I was about to go looney. She is good at throwing tantrums, too. I just say DO WE HAVE TO GO OVER THERE and point to the direction of the time out room and she says NO and straightens up. I told the ED teacher I OWE her BIG TIME. I now can regain my sanity!

    OK, enough of that update. :)

    Let's see... keep them busy. Don't give them the opportunity to run around. I find that when things get too unstructured in my room, the good ones even start going wild. If you can use a high-chair, use it. I also purchase belts like on the high chairs at walmart and have them wear a seat belt during certain activities until they get used to the whole "I GOTTA SIT NOW" concept. I do have one that manages to get up and walk with the belt still on... chair and all... and other times makes himself turn over. He has a stubborn streak and I don't think nothing is going to help that. He has Down's and I know Down's. My 23 year old brother has it and is stubborn as a MULE!!!!!! You have to give him 30 mins to think about what you WANT him to do and give him time to mull it over and then let him think it is HIS idea that he wants to do whatever you wanted him to do. (BOY was that a run-on sentence.. LOL)

    I have manners up on the wall and we discuss them EVERYDAY during circle time... I KEEP MY HANDS TO MYSELF, I SIT WHEN I EAT, I TAKE TURNS, etc. Sometimes I'll make reference to the poster if someone is acting up. Other times you have to go to time-out, sometimes I just rub their arm and tell them "we have to be nice" It all depends on the kids.

    My screamer is also a runner. So we use the time-out room for that too. The old classroom I had had the round door knobs... which I LOVED... I had the escaped artists trapped but yet we could still open the door. We have those long handles you push down to open the door and that is a royal PAIN. With the round knobs we covered them with felt using a pipe cleaner to keep it on. I cut a circle out of the felt bigger than the knob and laced the pipe cleaner through little holes I made going around the circle. It looked like a little round draw string bag. Then I tied the pipe cleaner really good tucking the sharp points so no one got poked. the kids didn't have a strong enough grip to turn felt and knob ( I had one goofy mom that couldn't figure it out either, bless her heart), but we could grip hard enough to get out. Once we got in the new room with the long handles, I had a TIME! I had 2 that could get out as soon as you just blink your eyes... SLICK! I had to rearrange the tables... I put one about 4 or 5 feet in front of the door butted against the wall and I had a toy box shelf thinging on wheels set up along the other wall. I could open the toy box up and I had a small bungie cord tied to the table that I hooked onto the toybox lock. It would give us enough time to get over there if Slick tried to get out. Luckily I don't have those 2 anymore. One moved and the other aged out of my room.

    I had one with a FOUL sailor mouth and NOTHING I tried worked. She knew EVERY word in the book and knew when to use them. She is doing better in the other room. They would just say other phrases after she said a bad word... example... she would shout DAM* and the teacher would say, YES, (let's call her Mindy) we need to sit DOWN. I forgot what all she said for each foul word.
    I really don't know what you could replace... G.Dam* S. O. B.

    ANYWAY... I hope that helps you. I am going on my 5th year with PreK Special Ed and I still am clueless at times when kids just don't understand when you say NO.

    GOOD LUCK! email me if you ever want to talk.

    Lori (

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