Challenging Students, Reading in Kindergarten

Discussion in 'Preschool' started by LoveKinder, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Hi I am hoping that maybe others have ran into the same problem. The Admin is really concerned that we are not challenging and pushing our children enough. Some believe that my kindergarteners should be able to read by now. In the past it has been that if they can read great but if they can't thats okay as long as they can identify some sight words, recognize letter sounds, and id of letters. Now the pressure is on to have these children reading pronto. We use the Scott Foresman reading series.
    Please Help ! Has any fellow Kindergarten Teacher experienced anything like this. IF so any ideas on how to have them all reading and or how to challenge them. that you may have to. Any help that you can share to help me achieve this would be great.
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    Dec 5, 2006

    Well, I guess it's true for you that Kinder is the new 1st grade. Assuming you started in September, it is pretty early to expect Ks to be "reading" already. I wouldl expect them to be able to read thier names and a few sight words, but I wouldn't expect that they could sound out words already.

    I guess it also depends on the amound of knowledge your students come in with as well. I teach at a Title I school that is 99% Latino, so we already know that most kids won't come inknowing thier names, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. in English, much less all the letters and sounds, so we don't expect them to read much until 1st.

    We use Rainbow Words (see with Open Court predecodables to teach sight words and start to blend written letters into words at the end of the year (May, June). The Rainbow WOrds really motivates the students and parents and we expect them to know about 60 sight words by the end of the year.

    Now as far as administrators pressuring you, I would take a look at your state and district standards to see whether or not they are pushing you past the K curriculum standards.

    Good luck!

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