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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Mel, Sep 3, 2019.

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    Sep 3, 2019

    Hello everyone! My name is Mel and I'm a newbie here. I have a question regarding certification in Georgia State so I am hoping to get a reply from anyone who is in the same situation or those that have done it in the past. Last 2013, I submitted an application for certification and a correspondence was sent to me saying that I was eligible for a non-renewable certificate for 3 years. I never applied for a teaching job back then but yesterday when I logged in, it says that it is still active so my question is, will my district accept the letter of eligibility since it was dated 2013? Should the date in the letter be changed to the current year? GAPSC is closed for today so I have no one to ask about the validity period of the letter. I am ready to go back to teaching and 3 years will be enough for me to get certified in the field that I will be applying for. I hope my question makes sense and I also hope to get a reply from teachers who have been in the same situation before. Thanks in advance!
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    This is the kind of question that should be asked directly from the Georgia State Teacher's Certification, whatever that may be. Everything is going to depend on how they view the fact that you never actually applied for a teaching job at that time. Go to the source to get such answers.

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