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    I need HELP! I start school in 3 days & I still don't know how I'm doing my center rotations. I need something very simple for 4 centers and 18 students. I bought a pocket chart with 12 big pockets to put the materials in, but I haven't been able to figure out how to manage everything. Any suggestions??:help:
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    If you have 4 centers, I would divide the students into four groups. Number your centers 1-4 and put the numbers down the side of your pocket chart. After you have the class divided, then put one group in each center on the pocket chart. When it is time to rotate, take the bottom row (center 4) of names out, move each row down one time, then put the others in center 1.

    I have 7 centers. I usually have 20-21 students, which gives me groups of 2-3 students in each center, which works better in kindergarten. Older students do okay with 4-5 students in a group. I have each center numbered: 1-Creative Play 2-Blocks 3-Kitchen Center 4-ABC center 5-Puzzle center 6-Math center 7-Writing center. I also have a pocket chart that I use. I group the students based on how well they work together while also using inside voices. We rotate by moving the bottom row of names to Center 1 and moving the others down one row.

    Once the students learn the routine, my line leader moves the names on the chart before center time. Until then, there is usually 1-2 students that understand from the beginning and they help me with it as the other students learn.:rolleyes:

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