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    I am going to have to take the CBEST test in July to be considered for a MA Special Education program. I am glad to have found this forum to ask the community for any tips on test taking, or moral support for someone who has anxiety taking tests. Thanks in advance!
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    Sorry, I'm not a teacher yet and haven't attempted CBEST yet (I'm an undergraduate university student and have finished less than half of the degree so far) so don't really have any tips.

    If you haven't found them already, you can find CBEST practice questions on ctcexams (just type in a google search with something like "CBEST reading sample" or "CBEST writing sample" or "CBEST maths sample").
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    Welcome to A to Z! Your thread has been moved to the Basic Skills Tests subforum, a number of the threads in which discuss CBEST and resources for CBEST preparation.
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    Are you still in this forum? Which calm, cooling methods did you use on the day of the exam to limit how much anxiety you faced? I also have anxiety because of my lack of time management space evenly for all of the subjects and constantly looking at the timer to see how much time I have left, and it's ridiculously scary. I felt I wasn't in the exam for a long time, but an hour has gone by already. When I'm taking an exam, I feel as though it takes me longer to figure out what exactly is the question asking. Sometimes, during my practice test, I go back to the question and re-read the question over and over and then finally it clicked that I finally had the "AHA" moment and a strategy for setting up the problem. I guess, I will have to continue to forgive myself even if it has been the third time already, and by now I still have yet to passed the CBEST with the minimal score of 123. I ask myself, what else can I do that I haven't done already to help me earn a higher score on the CBEST. I wished I took the CBEST right out of finishing my Bachelor's. There is a long gap between the date I earned my Bachelors to the date I took the CBEST the first time. I hope though, with time I can at least write more clearer and review more effectively through the Teacher's Test Prep zoom courses and powerpoint slides.

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