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    Nov 2, 2004

    Does anyone know how the CBEST "raw scores" are converted into the "scaled score?" I've done a keyword search and studied the CBEST web site, but haven't found the answer. The site says that the scaled score ranges from 20 to 80. Does that mean 80 is the maximum on each subtest and that the maximum points is 3 X 80 or 240? Since there are 50 questions on each of parts I and II, score normalization would imply that answering all 50 correct yields 80 points. But maybe a different system is used. Take the essays for example. We are told that four scorers check each essay and award up to 4 points each. Thus 4 X 4 X 2 essays is 32 points possible and 37 is needed for passing. Clearly, normalizing the score is needed. I don't think they just multiply the points by a whole number, like two or three, for example: multiplying by 2 would give 64 points for a perfect paper and multiplying by 3 would give 96 points which exceeds the range (80). Maybe it is a multiplier of 2. But I got less than 64 on that section and more than 64 on the math. How come? If everything is scaled, I would have expected my raw score to coordinate some how with the scaled scores. Does anyone know how the scaling works?

    -- Jay
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    cbest scoring methods

    Hello Jay:

    I found this website: http://www.ce9.uscourts.gov/web/newopinions.nsf/0/8cd0beb4790d30f4882569880061aec4?OpenDocument

    and there was a lawsuit in 2000 regarding the Cbest. Well, here is what I found, please refer to the site for more info. It still doesn't make sense.
    The CBEST is a pass-fail examination consisting of three
    sections: reading, writing, and mathematics.1 The reading and
    mathematics sections each contain 50 multiple-choice ques-
    tions, 40 of which are scored. The writing section consists of
    two essays. The CBEST was revised in 1995. At that time,
    questions that tested "higher order" mathematical skills, such
    as geometry, were eliminated from the mathematics section of
    the test.

    To pass the CBEST, a candidate must receive a "scaled"
    score of 123. Accordingly, a candidate passes by averaging 41
    points on each of the three sections (out of a score range of
    20 to 80). A scaled score of 41 on the reading section trans-
    lates into a raw score of 28 out of 40 questions correct; on the
    mathematics section, a scaled score of 41 equates to a raw
    score of 26 out of 40 correct. Each of the two essays is graded
    by two readers, who give raw scores of between one and four
    points per essay. Thus, the range of possible scores for the writing section is between four and 16 points. A raw score of
    12 points translates into a scaled score of 41 points. The
    CBEST employs a "compensatory scoring" model, under
    which a candidate passes the test with a scaled score lower
    than 41 on a particular section, so long as his or her total
    scaled score is at least 123.

    Hope this helps.
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    So if there are 50 questions, what is the raw score I have to get to get a 41 scaled score?

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