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    How is the raw score converted to scaled score in CBEST. I took a practice test and scored 37/50. I assume 37 is my raw score. What is my scaled score? Thanks.
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    That's a simple-sounding question with a rather complicated answer. For one thing, not all of the 50 questions in a section get counted for your score: some of those questions are being field-tested for inclusion in future versions of the test. The maximum effective raw score is thus 40, not 50.

    For another thing, the reason that score-scaling exists is that test questions and test versions necessarily differ among themselves in difficulty, so it's not statistically defensible to compare a raw 37 on version A of the math section with a raw 37 on version B. Scaling the scores is intended to take those variations into account, however, so that a scaled score of 50 on any version of the math section reflects the same level of performance.

    Please bear in mind that CBEST scaled scores run from 20 to 80 and a full passing score is 41 or better. Think about where 41 must be on that scale. Do bear in mind also that, as long as one passes CBEST, no one really cares about whether one just barely squeaks through or whether one wallops the test.

    With all of that said, your 37 out of 50 on the practice gives you just under 75% correct. That's definitely on track to pass, though I'm not prepared to guess by how much.

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