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    I recently applied for a LTS job in Kindergarten at a Catholic School. I told the principal that I didn't attend church but I have no problem teaching religion or being in a catholic environment and asked if this was a problem. I never heard back from her.

    However last week I got an interview there with the 1st/2nd grade teacher. I guess they wanted her to interview candidates because the K teacher had to go on bed rest and the 1/2 works a lot with the K teacher. Anyway I had a really good interview and feel like I have a really good shot at it.

    However I have to fill out an application with the regional Diocese and there's so many religion questions. I am going to answer them honestly but one of the simplest questions is what is my religion. Well based on family affiliations and such I'd say I'm Christian but I'm not an active participant (I believe in God and all just not currently active in a religion) should I leave this blank?

    Also they ask for my former corporation for confirmation of the years I worked. I was non renewed there last year. There is no place for comments they just ask what years I worked and dates. Do you think my old corporation will say something about the non renewal??

    Thanks for your time, I really have a good feeling about this so I wanted to ask to get some input!
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    I wouldn't express your faith as 'I believe in God and all'...Catholic schools do hire outside of the faith, but that phrase sends a bit of a disregard for faith...
    Answer the questions honestly. If you consider yourself a Christian, indicate that. If you don't consider yourself a believer of the Catholic or Christian philosophy, you should be truthful about that.
    You should list your past work experience. In my area, the schools are not supposed to say why teachers were not renewed. If you have something to hide, it will be found out..and a parochial school is not the place to live a lie.
    Bottom line, this could be a great experience...but start out honestly.
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    I agree. Leaving a question blank on an application is not a good idea.

    I would also agree that honesty is the best policy, in general in and here in particular.

    And, since the school is a religious entity, it's entirely logical that there should be a lot of quesions on religion. Even moreso since it's an elementary school.

    A number of non-Catholics work in my school. But we're secondary; they're not teaching Religion. I think it's less an issue of whether you have a problem teaching Religion than whether they want Religion taught by someone of a different faith.

    As to what your former school will say, you know them better than we do. But I would imagine they'll be honest as well.
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    I agree, answer each question honestly. Answer the religion question that you are Christian and leave it at that. You can always explain further in an interview.

    Give the honest dates of your employment. Again, you can explain more in an interview. Your prior employer will probably tell anyone who calls for a reference that you were nonrenewed, but they most likely will not go into much details about the nonrenewal. Just be honest with the new school when asked further questions.

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