Careers aside from ones in education?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Boba, Nov 29, 2015.

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    I'm just wondering, for those that either took a break from education, quit education, or are waiting for jobs in education (teaching, subbing, teacher assistants, Sunday School, etc.) what did you do for $ after? I'm starting to think I should have had backup plans when I was in college and have doubled my majors. I feel so limited with career opportunities. I went to school to teach and be a school counselor and every job I had ever was working with kids. I've never waited tables, worked at a store, worked in business etc. Did you all just go back to school for something else? I've been told a lot of ex teachers go to working for human resources but when I'e seen entry level jobs in that, they already want years of human resource experience. While I like school counseling, I'm starting to think education is not a forever career for me. I've worked at schools for 10 years (TA, sub, teacher, counselor) and I want to keep my options open for other things but I don't know what options I have aside from going back to school. I just finished an online certificate program for nutrition. It's basically nothing special. Probably could get a job at Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or a vitamin shop, but I don't want to do either of those things lol.
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    This topic comes up fairly frequently around here. I bet you could search for past threads for some ideas.

    A few of my friends have left teaching, and they've gone into retail, food service, corporate education and training, road construction, and childcare. Many of them have returned to teaching after a few years, realizing that the proverbial grass wasn't necessarily all that much greener.

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