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    I went to a "career expo" yesterday at a local college in So. California. We got some great tips and info I thought I'd pass on. First- jobs are coming! Even a local district said they were going to post at least 30 jobs soon. The room was full of districts- LAUSD said they are hiring 1,500 teachers! [that announcement made quite a buzz in the room]

    There was a speech by a keynote speaker (a superintendent of a socal district) who said:
    *Big changes this year- going to common core and new funding formula in the same year.
    *Being a teacher means you are a public servant. Your life is an open book.
    *Be your most conservative self that you are comfortable with for interview
    *Principals make hiring decisions. "It's not who you know, it's who knows what you know". Get in there somehow (even as a sub)[a lot of nodding from principals at this statement] and let them know you are good.
    *You need to be apart of and enhance the school and community
    *Like kids, respect kids, work as a team
    *Know strategies and methodology for ELD
    *Know the programs of the district
    *Look good on EdJoin- resume/cover letter looks nice, clean, sharp. formatting is perfect, consistent. If it looks good they will look a little longer. The point of the resume is to increase interest to get an interview. Should have current vocab words. Put how many years next to date so they don't have to do the math
    *What you say on paper needs to match what you say in the interview
    *Teaching is engaging- be engaging in your interview
    *Focus on the verb of questions- answer them and don't digress
    *Manage your time and don't go over if there is time set
    *When they ask "Is there anything else?" Say thank you. Be socially aware. You might ramble and say something that will be wrong.

    There was also a panel that included the above person, two principals, and a hiring person from Green Dot.
    *Expectation that you will continue to learn past initial credential
    *Network and get your name out there (conferences, volunteer, etc)
    *You need to be coachable
    *Be Confident but not arrogant
    *Strong understanding of content
    *Answer questions directly, admit when you don't know. It's okay if you don't know all about their particular program
    *Technology is at the heart of common core- know HOW you would use it, not just that you can use it. How do you engage students? Product outcomes?
    *Do your research- why this district?
    *Know the three things you want to make sure the interviewer knows
    *Be aware of your energy and tone- capture audience
    *Don't bring your portfolio if your not asked (maybe ask ahead)
    *Okay to ask what type of interview situation it will be (group, panel, etc)

    Hope that helps!
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    Great info. I'm in S. CA too. LAUSD is too far a drive for me.

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