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Discussion in 'Substitute Teachers' started by Therover79, Sep 19, 2021.

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    Ok, so I've been subbing for 10 years. This has never happened to me before. In my district para jobs pay $50 less than teacher jobs. I only para sub for a limited number of paras because I need to make money too. A para I sub for booked me for two weeks at the end of October. I almost said no, because that is a lot of time but she's been having issues lately so I reluctantly said yes. Now, the teacher who assigns me the most jobs says he needs me for 3 of those days. If it was any other teacher I wouldn't even consider trying to cancel those days but he's always gone to bat for me. What should I do? I'll literally make as much in those 3 days as I would in an entire week and I'd be helping a teacher thats always helped me.
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    I'll be honest and say that I haven't subbed in a decade, but I did sub for an entire decade before that. My rule was if I accepted the job, I worked the job, no matter what else became available. Yes, that meant that I occasionally made less money, from situations such as the one you have described, but the people who booked me to work absolutely knew that I wouldn't cancel on them to take a job for more money, which made their jobs easier. That built me a lot of good will, and I worked virtually full time as a sub. I don't see a great way to work "most" of the para position while taking the higher paying three days. I would either cancel all of the para sub assignment, and hope for enough teacher sub days to make up the rest of the days or keep my commitment to sub for the para who asked first. Since you have apparently subbed for this para before and she did book you quite a bit in advance, I would say you need to keep that job you committed to.
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