Canceled an Interview- Another Try?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by monkeyrun, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Hello All! This will probably be long, so sorry!

    Last year, I was trying to move back to my home state. One morning, while I was visiting family, I got a call for an interview- I was told it would be for a position teaching two subjects: my favorite subject and the one I am the worst at. I scheduled the interview because I really wanted to move back home. It was going to be a lot though- I was currently in home state for the week and had to travel back to where I was living, and then I'd have to come back to home state about two days later for this interview.

    About two hours later I got a call from another school in another district to interview for a position teaching my favorite subject. And, the interview was in two days so I'd still be in town! I kept both interviews, went for the one that was in two days, and found out that same day I got the job teaching my favorite subject. I ended up canceling the other interview because I did not want to teach my least favorite subject.

    Well, that was a mistake. About a week before school started, I found out that in addition to teaching my favorite subject, I'd also be teaching my least favorite subject, as well. That by itself isn't so bad, but this year has ended up not being so good. I had great evals at the beginning of the year, then a few weeks ago I got a really poor one. All the stuff in it was news to me. Then two weeks after that I was told I was going to be non-renewed, so I resigned.

    I'm now back in home state, but I'm in a place where there are small districts, so there's not a whole lot of schools. The only interviews I've ever gotten were from principals I've emailed. I would love a second shot at the first school I got a call to interview at but canceled (I told them I had accepted an offer at a school where I would just be teaching X subject), but I'm not sure how to word an email. Or if I should even say anything at all about having an interview and canceling last summer. (Again, this is a smaller place so I think the odds of them remembering my resume is enough to consider.)

    I'm definitely stressing over this. Last year there just weren't that many positions in these districts, which is why I even applied to the district I'm in right now in the first place. I'm not at a place right now where I can move again and I'm single, so I need to secure something!

    So sorry for the rambling. You can probably tell I'm stressing out a lot over this! TIA for any advice. :dizzy:
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    Apr 16, 2015

    If they post a job, go ahead and apply. If they ask about leaving the other job, it wouldn't be lying to say you wanted to move back home.

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