Can things improve mid-year?

Discussion in 'Behavior Management' started by hopetoteach, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Dec 29, 2011

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a third year teacher in a low performing junior high where I teach 7th grade math. My first two years I taught 5th grade math and science and then 6th grade. This is my third year in a new school teaching brand new subjects and curriculum (same district). It has made for a challenging first three years as a teacher but I LOVE it.

    The kids I have this year are the middle to lowest performers as our best 7th grade math students are placed (through testing etc) into Algebra. Makes for a tough crowd (they generally dislike math and many have given up hope that they will ever be good at it).

    I know that I am an organized (never have an unplanned minute) teacher. I work hard at differentiation as I know that giving my best kids challenge and my weakest kids a chance at success is extremely powerful and is paying off.

    I just need to fix a few things around procedures and management. My main issues are kids not coming to class with necessary supplies (I always have pencils available and even calculators but the calculators are "walking away."). I have more chattiness than I would like and I am having trouble getting these kids to have meaningful conversations when I ask them to share or work with a partner. Shouting out is also a problem with a few kids.

    My plan is to reteach expectations when we start back next week and I know that I need to do this with confidence (or my lack of it will show).

    I am just so frustrated hearing so many folks say "you need to get them at the beginning of the year or basically you'll never recover."
    Somehow this just doesn't really make sense to me. If my energy changes...why wouldn't theirs?

    I need words of encouragement that I can make improvements now. Fortunately things are far from out of control and I don't need a complete turn around.

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    Dec 29, 2011

    I think you can start over ANY day. It only depends on your attitude, you determination and the changes you make. However, it is probably easier after they come back from a break. Just treat the first week as it was the first week of the school.

    I would also send letters home letting the parents know what supplies the students need.
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    Dec 29, 2011

    You can definitely start over mid year. You can change your discipline and procedures to better fit the kids. It takes work and won't happen over night, but it can happen.

    Last year I was dealt a difficult class (well, really 5 kids). I started off the year like I always do with high expectations and rules. Things were going great for the first few months. Then things started to get a bit worse. I didn't jump on the behaviors immediately because of other home situations that were occurring. Not a good idea! Well, about two weeks of misbehavior and I changed a few things. The year wasn't perfect by any means, but it got a whole lot better for me.
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    Dec 29, 2011

    Yes you can turn things around. As well as setting expectations, clearly delineate the onsequences for these who choose to deviate from the rules.

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