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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Matt633, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Jun 7, 2008

    I was hoping we could share our bible teaching ideas or special chapels that you may have come up with.

    Where do you get your ideas?

    What curriculum do you use? Do you like it?

    Is there one special resource book you use that is a must have?

    I am currently using Bob Jones curr.

    I was assigned "Back to School" chapel---Had my kids act out feelings about coming back to school, i.e. two students walking across stage "man we have Mrs. M again this year, yeah she was really hard in first grade"---next two discussed, being new to the school" and so on. I wrapped it up with talking about how we are one in Christ and cast your cares upon Him and Phil 4:13 doing all through him who gives us strength. I will give full details if anyone wants them.

    I have done many that was just latest and use 5 Minute sermons for Kids (Book) and Sermons4Kids online.

    I have done units on Full Armor of God and Fruits of the Spirit. Otherwise it is just stories, or following the curriculum.

    The one thing I am weak on is getting the kids to be serious about praying for each other. They want to give prayer requests but always want me to pray. And when I send them into groups to pray they fake it or giggle etc. What works for you?
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    Jun 7, 2008

    We start off every morning with a prayer. I will take a total of 3 'prayer requests' and 3 'thanks'. At that point, I ask who would like to lead the prayer. (My kids love to lead it, so all their hands go up and I generally choose one who has been quiet and listening). We do a "repeat" prayer. The leader says each prayer request or thanks, and the other kids repeat.

    I has worked well for us and they love participating in the morning prayer time. Not to mention it has helped some of them get over their fear of saying a prayer in front of other people.
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    Jun 8, 2008

    Our religion curriculum is Voyages - put out by Concordia Publishing House. We always do a devotion in the morning, and I have several devotion books that I rotate between.
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    prayer circle

    We also pray every morning. We usually have "circle prayer". The chn sit in a big circle. we all close our eyes and bow our heads and then the first person prays. when they finish they gently tap the next person on the knee. we continue around the circle until everyone who wants to pray has prayed. i then close in prayer. if someone doesnt want to pray out loud they just need to tap the next person. this works really well with my year 4 class.

    we also follow the tsp (teaspoon) prayer format.

    T - Thank you : Thank God for all He has blessed us with, prayer requests he has answered etc
    S - Sorry : Sorry for our sins
    P - Please : Asking God to please help us/prayer requests

    We follow the Life Curriculum at our school but the teachers arent happy with it. it can be a little "dry" and we often look for other lesson ideas to cover the topics. We're currently looking to replace it with something else..not sure what yet. my class isnt one of the classes that are trialling new curriculum materials.

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