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Discussion in 'Second Grade' started by Srohl, May 18, 2011.

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    How much time do you spend on calendar time? I know many first grade teachers spend a lot of time adding the date, determining the weather, reviewing today is, yesterday was, tomorrow is...
    So, I am just curious how much time second grade teachers spend on this. Also, do you do something different than the above?
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    In third grade, I still spend just a few minutes on's a nice way to start our day but it seriously takes 2 minutes. We do weather on the We figure the range of temperatures for our state, the median and mode temps, view the current moon phase...this is also quick, but good, early in the day math thinking!
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    May 18, 2011

    From an older post - this is what I did in 5th. When I had 3rd, the activities were geared to their curriculum, of course.:

    As I mentioned, I did use the Everyday Math program and adapted it. If you can get even a sample of it, that would be helpful. There were all kinds of recording charts used and they sometimes varied monthly; some were used every day.

    It is kind of hard to explain all of what we did because it changed each month. Here's an overview:

    I used a full sized bulletin board strictly for calendar. It filled up quickly. It was great because I could refer to it during math class during the day.

    -A regular plain blank calendar (poster sized) was in the middle. I put paper clips through each day to hold the date cards. Each calendar month had different pieces to use. One month the pictures might be plane figures, one month they might be solid figures, or even just various colors and shapes. We discussed the day's figure and the pattern.

    -The days of the school year were counted daily. We used the first 100 days as the 'whole' and found the fractional, decimal, and percentage portion for each day of school. So, after the 100th day, we were showing mixed numbers and decimals greater than one.

    -I used a 11x14 or so white board attached to the BB. That's where we wrote the daily message that was always similar: Today is _______ (date, fully spelled out and the abbreviated version). It is the ____ day of school. It is 1/100, .01, 1% of the year.

    -Students used calendar journals. They did one problem of the day in homeroom. Then, when we were done with group discussion of calendar, they recorded the day's findings in their journals. They had to have explanations and numbers. I graded them periodically

    -We recorded the fractional part on a hundreds chart which also remained up all year. I used a clear vinyl cling chart and dry erase markers. We discussed any topic remotely related to the chart and our progress throughout the year, changing as their skills increased. In particular, we noted rounded amounts, 'closer to' on the chart, how far we were from certain benchmarks like 50%, how to use the 100s chart quickly in groups of ten, etc. We also used other charts like circle graphs, as well as actual figures (fraction circles and rectangles, solid figures, nets).

    -We discussed the pattern on the date cards. We predicted the pattern and tomorrow's card as to color, shape, number, etc.

    -There were different things added each month as the topics changed. I added vocabulary cards for each month's topic. One month, the topic was probability and we played a game throughout the month and the results got added to the board. Another month, the topic was volume and we added colored water daily to a measuring cup. Results were added to the board. When the topic was time, they each had small clocks. When it was angles, they used protractors and compasses and drew in their journals.
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    A few minutes a day, and a few more minutes if I need a filler.

    Every day:
    go over daily schedule
    go over upcoming special events
    usually check the temperature and graph it

    For extra time:
    I have a ring of cards with calendar questions, such as
    "How many Mondays will we have this month?"
    "Name the seasons"
    "What day of the week will the 7th be?"
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    I have calendar journals.
    Each child has a standard notebook.
    Each month they make a calendar to glue inside.
    I also give them important September dates we read/discuss and glue next to this calendar.
    They also write things such as:
    There are thirty days in September.
    Aunt Heidi's birthday is on September 19th.
    There are five Saturdays this September.
    The Packers play the Bears on Sunday, September 28, 2012.

    Between the months, I give them writing prompts such as:
    Make a list of autumn things
    Tell me all about Johnny Appleseed

    Mid year, each also makes a clock to add to this journal.
    They wrtie sentences about times...I go to bed at 8:00 P.M.
    There are 60 minutes in an hour.

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