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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by clynns, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Sep 21, 2009

    Okay, so we've only been in school about 4 weeks. The teachers at my school all agree that we have a great group of kids. However, our admin is being awfully hard to deal with this year. We didn't make AYP. We just barely missed it by less than a point. I think they've taken it very personally and not looked at the growth we did make. I'd been trying to be so positive this year and had been up until now. Out of the 9 teachers on my hall 7 have commented that they would just up and quit if they could. I'm about to become the 8th. We (teachers) are just so burnt out already and I've gotta find a way to pull myself out of this hole. Several of us even sat in our cars this morning not wanting to go in. Teaching is not enjoyable anymore because of the stress of a difficult admin and these stupid eog tests. Any suggestions on how to get out of this funk? Our school is a miserable place!
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    OK, you can't change the administration. All you can change is how you feel about work, not the tone they've set.

    How about some small morale boosters?

    Start a birthday chain. Each person picks another name out of a hat, and brings in a birthday cake for that person's birthday. My husband's school does that-- he's bringing in a cake Wednesday for one of the ladies.

    Or how about stopping tomorrow for a "First Day of Autumn" cake for the faculty room? Or a few dozen bagels? Or a chocolate bar for each mailbox? Anything inexpensive but unexpected?
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    I was feeling down a couple weeks ago. I decided to not worry about anything else but my own classroom. I walked in one morning and one of my students "light bulbs" went off, and I remembered why I teach. Sometimes it is the little things that remind us why we are teaching.
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    So sorry about the way things are going @ your school. It is very sad when administration turns SOUR!
    Y'all can...
    -Reminisce about the POSITIVE ways you've helped children
    -Don't let them GET YOU DOWN!
    -Remember YOU ARE IN CHARGE of your own feelings...
    -Don't let the NEGATIVE stuff get to you...
    -Last but not the least, BUY yourself something you've been wanting for a while; A treat to the spa, a new purse, or dine out?
    -Well! Here is one more. Have a PARTY with the other 7 ladies/guys, have FUN, and reassure each other that the Admin is NOT GOING TO GET THE BEST OF Y'ALL! LAUGH IT OFF and start off fresh!

    Good luck and keep us posted,
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    Sep 21, 2009

    clynns I feel your frustration. We are also having a very negative start to the school year. It feels like nothing is going right and the administration keeps piling more stuff on top of us.
    My team has been great. We really lean on each other. Today most of us were feeling down so we ate a container of gummy bears during our PLC. It isn't the healthiest thing to do, but it got us through today. I like the idea of little treats, and it doesn't always have to be something to eat. Hang in there!
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    Sep 21, 2009

    Keep this is perspective, know it will pass, and you have many more good years to look forward to.

    Knowing you're in a slump helps, which means you have to fight twice as hard to get out of it.

    You're doing the best you can every day, make your mind up to be the positive driving force on your hall.

    Write "Sunshine Notes" to your colleagues telling them something they've done that you thought was brilliant, or write a note to them teling something you admire about them.

    Smile, smile more than you've ever smiled in your life. Find something to laugh about.

    Look at the sweet faces you're in charge of, if you're unhappy it's hard to motivate your students.

    Being unhappy affects your health.

    Be sure to take time for yourself at home, love your family more than you've ever loved them, eat healthily, get some exercise. Maybe during lunch get your colleagues out of the building and walk around the campus, take deep breaths.

    There are worse jobs.

    I hate this for you, know this will pass.

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