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Discussion in 'General Education' started by GGarcia, Jan 28, 2014.

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    I'm trying to find a way to earn extra money for my classes. We really need some new books and materials. I have heard about donor's choose, but I was wondering if there are any other programs that are easy to work towards. Boxtops for education seems perfect, but it seems like it goes toward the school and not individual classes. Is there any way to set it up so it goes towards my students? If it goes to the school general fund, I can guarantee I will never see it. Or maybe someone has experience with the Campbell's labels or another program?

    Thanks so much!
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    A couple random ideas (though I have little to no experience in regards to it all, just throwing things I've heard):

    Scrip (parents/community buys GCs for local grocery stores, the school gets 5-20% of that money, i.e. 50 GC to fred meyer is bought, school gets $10...not sure if you can make it in terms of classroom only...people have to buy groceries anyways!)
    Partnering with a local restaurant/bookstore/etc.. - anything people buy through your "referral" on a certain day earn you 10-20% of their sales
    Scholastic -- if the socioeconomic status isn't too low, parents might want to buy books for their kids -- you end up, as the teacher, get to choose from a variety of free books over time (I have a set of one popular series already coming from the first book order I did with my class)

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