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Discussion in 'General Education' started by pabef, Sep 1, 2020.

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    My bosses son is in my class and causing me anxiety. He is “having an attitude” as he callsit because the days his sister is doing virtuallearning she is staying with their grandparents and he wants to do that. Ihave to keep my door shut and locked so he won’t run out to his mom’s office. He hasn’tnapped in 2 weeks, which isn’t like him. I wouldn’t mind that if he’d lay quietly, but he doesn’t. He won’t do any centers but blocks or dramatic play. He can spell his name but not recognize other letters. He can count but not recognize numbers. My boss gave mepermission to be tough on him. I guess myanxiety is that he won’t focus enough to learn what my boss expects and she willjudge my teaching abilities on that.Suggestions?
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    I've done this. Luckily my boss is great , she had seen me teach over the years and trusted me. I trusted her to be fair.

    I'm going to be honest, I think it comes down to how you feel about your boss. If she said to be tough or have high expectations, then do it. If you don't think she would back you up, well then honestly I would try to overlook as much as I could with that kid. (I know its not the answer most would like, but to me it wouldn't be worth the headache of fighting with my admin over her own son)
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    I've taught my boss's kids. If you don't really trust your boss, document the child's behavior, then ask the boss for advice. For example, "Today and yesterday Tommy did this and this. I've tried this and this. It's not working. Do you have any suggestions?"

    This way, if Tommy gets a bad grade, your bases are covered, and the boss can't claim she wasn't warned.
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    I have had tons of admin's kids over the yrs. I even had their grandkids and the superintendent's kids. It is a tricky spot to be in if the kid does not behave.
    I'd very kindly explain that he does not appear to be ready for school if you believe it. Tell her the benefits of boys having an extra year to mature if she seems receptive. I have seen a lot of immature boys who went from being the bottom of the class to the top when parents waited a year. They were even better in sports with the extra year added.

    If you have to keep him, I'd personally "sit on him." :) Not being mean, but very consistent. He needs to know he is not in charge, it is unsafe for him to run out of the room, and there will be an undesired consequence every time he tries to run out. This is the 1st thing I'd discuss with Mom.
    Just somethings she could do are: take away devices, TV, after school play with friends, or anything he loves to do at home if he leaves your room without permission for just 1 night or even a weekend if he does it on Friday. It needs to be something he loves to do.
    Find something he likes to do a lot in class. (Computer time, games, recess, working with a certain friend, ????)
    When kids are really immature like he seems, I have had to break things down so simply like: You can do the preferred activity as soon as you're done with whatever you want him to practice ( like laying down quietly for a few minutes). Then you have to stick with it like glue until the kid fully understands, you are in charge.
    You'll be doing a huge benefit for the teachers who come after you too! :) Best wishes!

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