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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by deefreddy, Aug 30, 2012.

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    I would like to do more projects based on books that I read to my students this year. Do you have any suggestions on good books that have interesting themes or stories? I teach 9-12th grade students who are mostly non-reader and have receptive vocabs at the 4-5 y.o. range.
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    My life skills class loves Magic Tree House. Most of them can't read it, but they can understand if I explain some of the historical stuff. It's one of a few chapter books so low that isn't babyish. I'd love to see other ideas.
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    For projects:
    Public Library Non-Fiction Children's Section!
    The non-fiction book in the Children's Section of the public library are usually as "Appropriate" as it will get for kiddos falling into this category. The "photographs" make it much more age appropriate and many are topics that are of interest to the kids (insects, trucks, weather, whatever your kids like) - and they can look at the pictures and/or read the words if they are able.

    For general classroom/home reading material:
    Magazines are so appropriate, especially if you can "tap into" one of their interests. I had a kid with autism who was obsessed with the wheels on cars. We gave him "Car and Driver" and similar magazines to look through. It was so appropriate! I also had a kid who loved the perfume samples, so we gave her Ladies Home Journal, etc. and she loved them! I had one kid who loved Oprah Magazine (don't know why, but it was her top pick every time!)

    Comic Books!
    Comic Books are so appropriate, even at the high school level. They have interesting pictures. Although, I haven't had success with ALL of my kids with these, but you can give it a shot. I have found these at Goodwill and/or had people donate them to my classroom. They sell them in book stores (Barnes and Noble, etc.) if you want to see if your kids are interested in them.

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