Book suggestions for seventh graders

Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by Apple125, Sep 18, 2011.

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    My principal recently bought a set of 30 Kindles for the seventh and eighth grade Language Arts classes. While I'm excited about using them, I'm also nervous about how it's going to actually work in the classroom. Besides showing them how to take care of them and work them, I need to get some books to load on them. What are some books you think I should check out for my seventh graders? Most of my kids have loved the Hunger Games trilogy, but so many of them have already read them I don't want to get those. Any similar titles, or just really good books? They also love The Outsiders and the Shadow Children books by Margaret Petersen Haddix. Any help would be greatly appreciated~
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    I always suggest the Bluford Series books from The regular books are only $1 each! They all have really good lessons for kids and deal with what many inner city kids go through in their daily lives.

    Sharon Draper is also an excellent author as well as Walter Dean Myers. There are a lot more as well!

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