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    Hi all you wonderful teachers!
    I have recently published a book titled "Kevin Knows the Rules: Introduces Classroom Rules to Kindergarten Through Third Grade Students". I wrote it to aid teachers in introducing and reviewing basic classroom rules (sit quietly on the carpet so we can listen and learn, walk quietly in the hall, use an inside voice so we don't disturb other classes, keep hands and feet to ourselves so we don't hurt anyone, raise your hand when you want to ask the teacher a question or tell her something) etc...
    The book is available on,, and even Ebay, if you would like to order one, but it is not yet in bookstores. OR........
    My publisher is generous enough to offer a COMPLIMENTARY COPY to all librarians/media specialists for student and teacher use. If you would like to receive a COMPLIMENTARY COPY, just call .888.728.8467 ext. 5299 and or email
    Thanks so much, and have a wonderful year!
    School Rules!! Molly Dowd:wub:

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