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Discussion in 'Fourth Grade' started by ebarb, Oct 15, 2009.

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    Does anyone have information regarding book clubs? I am new to the grade level and want to do more than just guided reading. I heard that some teachers assign roles to individual kids in a book club, and I'd like to learn more.

    Does anyone have any info to share?

    Erin (NJ)
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    My team teacher and I do a version of Lit Circles - but our kids aren't ready for the roles version. We take the skills in that particular unit and find variations that are open-ended so the students can apply the skill to the chapters read in their chapter book. We do 3-5 books with 6-8 students reading a particular book.

    This next go-around our skill work includes a cause/effect graphic organizer, making a timeline for the book, identifying problems/solutions, identifying facts/opinions expressed in the book, making a character map, etc.

    We map out the reading and fill in an assignment chart so they know up front what is to be read and what assignment should be turned in for each meeting day. As I said, the skill/comprehension work matches what is being taught skill-wise in the reader that week.

    We only meet w/ lit circle groups twice a week, so we give a longer reading assignment at the Thursday meeting since they won't have to have it done until Tuesday.

    For assessment, we give three grades (keeping a checklist for each group w/ the assignments and "participation points" for each meeting date) - skill work grade, comprehension (AR score) grade, and up to 5 participation points for each meeting.

    This time we are also doing an end-of-book project - they will have a choice of 6 projects (from making a brochure to making a diorama, to writing a letter to the author, etc.) This project list goes home the second week of having meetings, and we always attach a generic rubric (neatness, thorough or complete, creative...) so they know what we are looking for. The students present their projects to the class. It is a blast!!

    BTW - some teachers do Lit circles in lieu of reading from the reader - which I'd love to do eventually - but we do it during our 25 minute RtI (intervention) time, so our aide takes one group for each of us, and the resource teacher takes a group. That leaves me w/ two groups to meet with in 25-30 minutes. It works...but the best one yet was when I had 2 parent volunteers who each took a group, so I had 5 books going but only had to meet w/ one group myself.

    If you want to see one of the assignment sheets or the evaluation grid, just send me a pm. Have fun w/ your book clubs/groups!

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