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    As the head of a toddler 1 (12-18mnths) class in a Montessori school, starting in January '06, translating the birthtothree framework from the long term plan to the medium then weekly plans is my biggest challenge at the moment. I've looked at the pack and the video and feel that I'm not in a position to use this set guideline next term. Although I personally felt that not much was done to prepare me for this, I was firmly advised to start using it in January. I will be new in the school and will definitely need to prove myself worthy in order to gain credibility. Any help in this regard in the form of sample plans or anything that can enlighten me on this, will be highly regarded. Prior to all this being introduced I'd normally look at the following topics for next term:- Winter (3wks); Food (3wks); Pets (2 wks) etc.

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