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    Hello all~

    Got a small question, I'm working on plans for my maternity and have a lot of birthdays while I'm gone. At my old school where I taught for the last 2 years, my neighbor teacher used a birthday class book. I'm in a new district, so I won't see that teacher anymore. But anyway, I was wondering if anybody else used a class book for birthdays. Here is kinda what she did: each student completed a page for the child and then the birthday person completed a front page. I never looked at it closely, because I didn't think I needed too.

    Any ideas would be great! Thanks!
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    Years ago we made books similar to the one above but was a Hug Books. It was used for various occassions such as birthdays, students moving, thank you gift for volunteers, etc.

    Ours was a Hug book because the cover is from large paper, approx, 9 x 22 inches long. I had a hug pattern which is folded over on both short sides, about 5 1/2 inches. Halfway down each 5 1/2 fold is a pattern of part of an arm and a hand, thumbs going up. When the pattern is traced and cut out, the arms fold over the cover & pages completed by students to form a hug.

    These were cute but required a lot of tracing & cutting, I usually had volunteers take care of making the covers for me. I think I decided to kibosh these because of the time they took. I think I even ended up making a master of hands forming a hug to staple to the from of the book...same idea, less work.

    For birthdays I created a generic title coloring page on a computer. You could title it however you'd like: It's My Birthday! or Birthday Hugs, etc. I would use bubble letter fonts and add graphic balloons, cake, presents, etc. choosing the coloring book option for printing the graphics so they could also be colored by the student whose birthday we were celebrating.

    The person being celebrated colored the title page & cover to resemble their clothing, etc while classmates created a birthday page which might be a well wish, a letter, an illustration, etc. This did take time as my 1st graders didn't always have a clear idea about what message or picture to create...25 different times during the year. Perhaps older students with more abilities would take less time.

    I had completed forgotten about making those books. I think I ran with the idea because of the 'cute' factor but realized the time they took didn't equal their value, for us. I found these books more useful for Thank you's(sp?) to presenters, field trip hosts, volunteers, Classfied staff(custodians, lunchroom ladies, Title teachers, SPED teachers, etc), Principals, Nurses, Secretaries, etc.

    Now, I have birthday cards and certificates, students choose the one they want and everyone signs it for the birthday person. We sing if the student wishes and they also gets a pencil and a candy-on-a-stick treat from me.

    Good luck!

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