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    * I am not sure if this is the correct location to post the following
    I was looking for assistance in preparing for the FTCE ESE subject area exam and located a man by the name of Brent Daigle:dizzy: that claimed to offer a workshop that would compact the subject matter in 3 hours. He also sent notes and his powerpoint after the workshop. The information sent was supposed to cover the items on the test. I realize that not all items could be on a test, but still I was expecting a fair amount on the test. This was not the case. I found only 4 items on the exam. I previously asked the gentleman if it was necessary that I had taken an ESE course beforehand and his response was no. He asked all the people that took his workshop to give their feedback on their experience at the workshop. I responded by saying people should save their money and went on to explain my experience. Nothing mean was ever said, well I just noticed he removed my comments, the same person who asked for them. Beware :dizzy:

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