Best method for Literacy instruction???

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    Hello fellow A-Z Teachers!:)

    I've been trying to plan my literacy block for next year and I feel very overwhelmed about it. :dizzy: I wanted to get some advice on what works well and what doesn't.

    My schedule next year is kind of...weird for my reading block. From 8:00(school starts) to 9:25 is scheduled for Reading (only 85 min).

    For whole group reading instruction, the school uses Treasures. This will be my 3rd year with 3rd grade and using the Treasures series. The past two years we did whole group for about 30-40 min and then did Small Group reading for 60min. The trouble with this years' schedule is that there is not enough time for that.

    Then later in the morning we will have 30 min of "Target Time". This time is used to teach kids at the level they are currently at. We test the entire grade level and then make groups based on their needs. Groups and materials will be constantly changing based on the needs of the child. I love that we have this time! But should I count this as a part of my literacy block? Should this take the place of the Small Group Teacher led part of Treasures?:confused:

    I've read several posts about Daily 5 and CAFE and I've read the books. It sounds amazing! There is also a TON of research about the 90-120 min Literacy block with Whole Group and Small Group instruction.

    I am really unsure about what to do in my room next year for literacy instruction. Which method is better? I know it will all depend on what will work best for me but I want to do what is best for my students:)

    What have you all tried for Literacy Instruction in your rooms? :help:
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