Benefits of Early Childhood Special Education

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    Oct 2, 2001

    I am writing a paper in my Advanced Composition class. The paper has to be research that could be printed in a Education journal, pamphlet, newsletter, etc. My topic is to persuade parents about the benefits of ECSE. To do this i am going to interview parents, teachers that are or have been in the program. I am not sure what types of questions to ask them so that is what i need help with. Also if you teach in a ECSE class how do parents find out about this program. If you have info to add i would appreciate it. Anything that would help persuade or let parents know this is a good program. Thanks in advance.
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    Most of the parents at my school find out about my class from the early intervention program with the local United Cerebral Palsy center. They work with all little ones ages under 3 that have any disability from Downs to severe CP to just speech delays. Other parents find out by word of mouth from parents that have students that were in my class or in another class at our school. Some ask the board of education. Some don't find out anything until they try to put the child in kindergarten and they are so delayed the K teacher refers them to me for testing.

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    Jul 21, 2002

    In my case I noticed my son was not talking and when he did even I could not understand him. I recognized the need and said something to his pediatrician who refered him to our district's preschool program for testing. Until she told me the district had a preschool program (some of the children are still babies even, learning sign language) I didn't know it. I think parents do not need persuasion as much as the notification it even exists, as well as the encouragement to do something about things early. I was told by friends to wait, boys talk later, or his older sister talked for him, or...when I knew something wasn't right.

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